Just Derrick

Just Derrick is a Producer / Artist born in London raised in Chatham, Kent and now based in Suffolk. Just Derrick was heavily influenced by his parents vinyl records when he was younger with music ranging from the Rock / Pop sounds of Michael Jackson, to the 80's vibes by The Police and Luther Vandross. Just Derrick's current sound is influenced by his Faith, Lofi Hip-Hop, Rocky Guitar Tones and Chilled Melodies. In 2016 Just Derrick was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Cancer of the blood and that was what influenced his musical journey to express his thoughts, feelings and love for God through his music. Since undergoing Chemotherapy and receiving the all clear confirmation, Just Derrick has jumped fully into his musical journey and communicates his story best through his music and collaborations. What Just Derrick's music sounds like he would describe it as Sunday Music. Music that calms, soothes and encourages. Whether you are on a long drive in the car with the family, working from home at your desk or chilling on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. There is definitely something for you.